Vitamins and Minerals

In fact what are the vitamines? What role they play in our life? Balanced intakes of vitamines and minerals defines our physical health conditions to our family.

Vitamin C

What is the function of vitamin C? What is the role in the immunity? What should be the daily intake of vitamin C?

Vitamin C, named also L-ascorbic acid do not have ability to be synthesize from human body. It is essential cofactor in numerous enzymatic reactions, in the biosyntesis of collagen,carnitine, and neuropeptides, also in the regulation of gene expression. It is an antioxidant .

This vitamin protect the body cells from the free radicals that attack our body.

Foods, that are plenty to vitamin C:

Citrus fruits as Orange, Grapefruit, lime and lemon

Strawberries and kiwi

Peppers and Broccoli

Daily intake of this vitamin C depends from the many factors, age, deficiency, pregnancy condition etc and for each person is individual.

The stronger and the weak

Nowadays exist a trend for mass demonstration of supremacy over the weaker. Shocking is the fact how such an act can lead to the pride of the person who commits it.

Strong person no need to demostrate the physical abilities on the weaker. This person realize the power that poses and knows the abilities that has. Usually this person is a saviour of the weak and leader with brave heart.


Many of you have been faced with precondition of being or not being a parent. Afraid from future, afraid to take decission or being wrong. What about if we make same mistakes, like our parents did? Will we have the support and help from our partner?Isn’t is too early to become parent?

Every person should have a purpose in life, a dream to realize. In fact this is not a difficult if the actions are well thought out and planned in appropriate sequence.

Purpose in life

What would happend if we try to shorten the time to reach the desired goals and we skip the important steps to reach the final result? You want to have a baby, but you are studing at school or University and a child in that moment should not be a priority. You want to have a better job and hight salary but you still don’t have the necessary qualification for it? You need more social contacts but you don’t have time from your hard work in the office and from the home daily tasks?

To much tasks will fill you with stress and negativity. Be focused! One by one, step by step, little by little you will reach the final result!

There is a certain time to reach your purposes. Be consistent and patient and soon you will see the results! Think about creating your own family, together with your partner. A main life decission that everyone must make. Be a parent, to create a life, to be responsible and caring, to be good educator and listener. It is our responsibility our future children’s fate. Let’s overcome our fears and try to be the parent that our future children need and will be proud of. To approach their interest and endeavors with love and understanding. We won’t leave our children to whims of fate. We must asume the responsibility to be parents, educators and friends of our children.

Toxic friends

Many of us were dissapointed from the behaviour of their besties. Our loving ones that always promissed to be with us whatever happens. Unfortunately our besties have their life’s priorities that we are not included in. In our hard moments, full with sadness our besties are not available for us. They just dissapear, they don’t answer to our calls, they have their own phylosophy how we must resolve our problems by ourselfs.

Toxic friends use us for their own needs, they are hidding behind masks, full with envy and jeluous. Negativity is forming their lifes, hate and grumble are their normal daily expression. We suffer that we lose our friends but reality is that we don’t lose them.It is just we see their real personality when their mask falls.

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